In light of Keystone delays, is NAFTA becoming obsolete?

Allan Gotlieb remembers the years leading up to the Free Trade Agreement, the forerunner to NAFTA, in the 1980s. He was Canada’s ambassador in Washington from 1981 to 1989 and one thing that sticks in his mind today is how important Canadian oil and gas was to the Americans.

Dinosaurs in the mines

One fateful day about 110 million years ago, in the rainforests of what is now British Columbia, a hapless ankylosaur lost its way among the ferns and fauna and ended up in the Western Interior Seaway – a massive open waterway that stretched from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. The land-based dinosaur likely drowned, was swept far out to sea and soon buried in the sediments of today’s northeastern Alberta.

It lay there for eons of geological time until the morning of March 21, 2011, when Suncor shovel operator Shawn Funk, who had been scraping back layers of overburden at the Millennium mine face, spotted the distinctive armored plating of the creature’s back. When paleontologist Donald Henderson was called in, he was blown away with what he saw.

Alberta’s support for bio-fuels yields an uncertain harvest

Millions earmarked for bio-energy would be better spent elsewhere, critics say

Six Ways to Solve a Looming Labour Crunch

Companies look for a steady state as activity ramps up

The Enduring Appeal of Canadian Coal

Derided as a myth, clean coal schemes continue to draw investment

Encana’s Bow building; the making of an icon

A stunning new emblem of homegrown industrial might is transforming the Calgary skyline

Breaking Bread

A Canadian coalition of scholars and industrialists bands together to cut carbon emissions

Talkin’ Revolution

The oil patch depends on new technology but is slow to implement it. Gusher Inc. CEO Steve Larter is pining for change

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