A Hybrid Solution Worth its Salt

In many sedimentary basins around the world, ‘seeing through’ thick or steeply-dipping layers of salt is a major challenge for oil and gas exploration, especially in deep offshore environments. Seismic methods alone are usually insufficient to visualize the base of salt and the underlying sediments.

Expanding Norway’s Mineral Potential

In the early 1980s, the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) conducted an exploration program in the northern county of Finnmark, a highly prospective greenfield area which encompasses the Karasjok Greenstone Belt. It was the first aeromagnetic and gravity survey of the area and served to establish a preliminary description of its lithology, stratigraphy and mineralizations.

Was that a tsunami or a hurricane?

New research into overwash deposits is improving our predictive understanding of tsunamis and hurricane events to help inform coastal systems response.

Guy Holmes – Polar achiever

Guy Holmes has excelled at a host of jobs: army combat medic, cook, greenhouse manager, geophysicist, entrepreneur, corporate strategist, and software developer, to name only a few. When he makes up his mind to pursue something, it seems there’s no looking back. It’s a mindset that propelled him to the North Pole - on foot - to raise money for a children’s charity.

AUV Magnetometers a leap forward in seabed surveying

An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle-towed magnetometer proves itself in rough weather. The technique could reduce costs and time to complete seabed surveys, with improved accuracies.

Academics and industry team up for marine UXO surveys

Company borne out of an academic collaboration benefits both students and industry doing offshore UXO surveys in the North and Baltic Seas.

Modelling the Karoo aids petroleum exploration in South Africa

The extensive Karoo Basin of South Africa may hold vast reserves of shale gas. A tectonic modelling project underway will help determine their production viability.

Catalyst for clean energy: American Vanadium’s Gibellini Project

American Vanadium builds for a new green energy future

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